• Rebecca Lerner

Also you just moved in!!!!!

A Love Letter to My Brooklyn Apartment (3.75 weeks apart)

The sun always finds a way to shine through you. I flush as you glow, and it's like you know all the plans I have for you.

I want you in a way that is mortifyingly simple in such a complicated time.

If I were there, I would doll you up and play and shout the lyrics to our favorite songs. I would show you off and not turn the lights on until the moon appeared over the trees. I would close my eyes and dream of you — the people will come and go but as long as Brooklyn is above water, you'll always be there.

I just like how I am with you. Who I am with you. The type of woman who makes scones on a Saturday afternoon, who can use a hammer, who knows when enough is enough.

I miss you the way I miss coming home, and isn't that what love is?


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