• Rebecca Lerner

Are you so in love

What's good:

My mother slicing grapefruit. My new puppy, Rosie, asleep on her bed. A long time ago, someone squealing as they hugged me hello.

Getting up at 4am because Rosie needs to go outside — tired but not grumpy as she licks me hello. (I have never not been grumpy at 4 am.)

Trying to think of something smart to say on zoom book club, coming up with nothing and feeling okay about winging it.

Bagels, even if they're not from New York. The brazen art of smearing too much cream cheese on a bagel, especially if it's not from New York.

That my parents have saved every piece of shitty art I've ever made — a shitty painting of a tree with pink blobs for flowers, a mobile from a week of art camp, a drawing of Cheryl Blossom with a post-it note that says "te gusta?" Asking for validation, affirmation, confirmation if you need it.

Forehead kisses.

(Feeling mild guilt at being so happy during this time) (But what's the point in that)

Scallions gallivanting through growth cycles, coming back over and over and over again.

How the seasons will change and the flowers will bloom even if the world stops.

Not having to wear makeup on zoom calls because the quality is so bad you can't really tell.

That there is always something to do, someone who needs you, something you could make better with your touch or your voice or your thoughts.

The Michael Jordan docu-series (not into sports but objectively)


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