• Rebecca Lerner

But that has nothing to do with me :)

I don't think I'm special but I know the trees listen to me when I talk to them. When you look inside yourself, what do you see? What colors are there?

There's so much that other people love that I don't even know about yet. People, places, the Avatar show they put on Netflix I still haven't watched. There's more than this world that we create, over and over.


You told me that spending time with other people only makes the alone times feel more alone and I'm like... okay did you want me to leave this park


The trees aren't going to bow to you, but you can look at their crowns. There is a way to be here and somewhere else too, if you try hard enough.


Yeah, your eyes are green. FINE your eyes are the dazzling flash of green during the sunset, where the day kisses the night hello after their time apart in a brilliant embrace of passion and mystery. is that what you needed me to say?


I haven't forgotten the promise you made me but I'm not going to hold you to it.


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