• Rebecca Lerner

But yeah hahaha WORST timing

When you tell them about it, tell them it was like getting to the subway station just as your train pulls up. Like turning the lights on in your house after a long trip. Like watching joy wash over someone's face as they open your present.


They say that timing is everything but they also say that everything happens for a reason and that you can catch a cold by going outside with wet hair. It can't all be true.

What does timing mean when life is put on pause? When temporality is utterly fucked and people keep making the same joke of "Happy Tuesday, or as we now call it, day!" What is timing when time is too slow and too fast and the people we know can't catch their breath?

I'm trying to stay grateful for my timing. For the opportunity to stay healthy and in the same place for a second.

I write down three things I am grateful for in the morning and at night unless I forget or don't want to.

Tonight, I am grateful for my hands — which were busy all day but didn't complain, as they clacked at a keyboard and dialed my friend and strummed at my guitar.

Tonight I am grateful for my time with my dog, who died on Sunday but who I keep expecting to see when I walk down the stairs.

Tonight I am grateful for my friends who email me book recommendations and call me and ask how my day is going even when it's bound to be a boring answer.


I sent you all my love. I just want to know if you got it.


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