• Rebecca Lerner

Every single butterfly in the goddamn world is in my stomach right now hahaha

I look to the poets to explain my feelings to me. I look to my phone to explain the events outside in the world, inside my house, on my skin. I pray for the first time in years and wonder if I'm doing it right.

I miss my friends all the time.

I fantasize about returning to them. In my dreams, we hug for too long and I cry and I wipe away my tears, apologizing.

"I thought about you all the time. I missed you so much," I say, laughing at myself through my tears. "How could I forget how beautiful you are?"

Everyone I see on the streets in suburbia stands more than six feet away from me. Every block in suburbia reminds me of something embarrassing I did in high school. '

Every time I want to kiss my dog on her forehead, I do it right away. Just in case.


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