• Rebecca Lerner

For a brief moment we are staring at each other's elipses

I wonder if people in the 60s wondered if they were the main character or if that's just a Tiktok thing.

I don't think you always have to be the main character — that's a lot of pressure. The main character always has another arc to go through or a climax to come to or resolve. Sometimes you're just watching TV with your family and your mom cries at Gilmore Girls and you're the daughter of the main character. Sometimes you're the quirky best friend, listening to your best friend sound smart as hell and name obscure authors on a zoom call from the other room. Sometimes you're the antagonist or the ghoster or the bad guy and those are the times when you need to start journaling again probably. Sometimes you're an extra, just passing a couple on the street as they kiss with masks on or fight and say horrible things to one another that you just hope they can take back later.

But sometimes you're the main character. Making coffee in your apartment or lounging with your legs up or strutting down the street with your favorite song blaring in your ears and the sunlight is catching that glint in your eyes — and you know it's you.


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