• Rebecca Lerner

I know I could call you and just blubber unintelligibly and you still tell me you love me

What I've learned from my best friends:

- When something isn't for you, leave it

- If you're thinking a lot about breaking up with someone, just break up with them

- The french tuck before Queer Eye

- Zumba dancing

- Social media stalking

- How to temporarily fix a toilet.

- How to give a good present (think of what you like about someone, and give them a gift that matches that energy)

- You can stay awake for 24 hours straight but you won't be right afterwards

- Loyalty

- It gets easier in some ways, but in other ways it get much much harder but it always get BETTER

- Puzzle strategy

- Confidence

- How to be a waif

- Knee socks, conceptually

- You don't have to buy aloe at the store if you get an aloe plant

- Garlic is good on everything

- You can be mean when you flirt but things get confusing if you are TOO mean or outright cruel

- Wear sunscreen everyday

- Mindfulness in many forms

- Things aren't as scary when you look at them head on

- If you cry just a bit and don't rub your eyes too much, you can be a pretty crier

- How to read tea leaves

- How to deal with rejection

- How to not ghost people

- Curling hair (which I still haven't fully gotten )

- How to get home again


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