• Rebecca Lerner

I went to CVS today and that was the biggest outing I've had all week

What a big outing used to entail:

- an outfit that would prove to have some technical difficulty by the middle of the night (too tight, too short, too cold, too hot)

- saying unbelievable things to people (i love you, you're beautiful, watch me do a cartwheel)

- shaking your hips as a non-verbal request to dance with someone

- grabbing your friend and twirling them

- glitter

- observing the social etiquette of rideshares

- shots, unfortunately

- 10 pm pizza

- 2 am pizza

- seeing another girl drunkenly dancing and thinking, "oh shit, is that what I look like"

- feeling delighted when the cliche comes true and drunk girls are indelicately sweet to each other in the bathroom

What a big outing is now:

- Leaving the house

- Wearing a mask if going into an enclosed space, free face if just going outside

- Taking a timely walk to watch the sky burn

- Seeing a human you're not related to

- A balancing act between being cautious and friendly, between being wary and affectionate at a distance


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