• Rebecca Lerner

It's been weird sometimes we get in big emo space about our field

Numbers questions for the girls:

How long will I let my thoughts riot in my mind before I take a sleeping pill? (Fifteen minutes)

How many times will I let someone ruin my life? (Twice)

How long before I gently push someone off me after I've decided I'm not into it? (Slow methodical count to thirty)

How long before the kettle goes off? (About four minutes)

How many times did you walk up and down your stairs today? (Ten)

How many pairs of shoes do you have? (Not exact but like twenty five) (Alt answer: too many)

What's your bodycount? (Retracted but respectable)

How many books are you reading right now? (Two)

How many journals do you have right now? (Three)

How long have you been in therapy? (Ten months)

How many friends do you have? (Eight or one hundred or one, depending on what you mean by friend)

How long can you keep a secret? (Three years)

How much sleep do you need? (Eight to ten hours)

What's your screen time average from last week? (4 hours and 45 minutes a day on the phone) (I blame TikTok)

How many emails do you have unread right now? (Twenty-six)

How many languages do you speak? (1.45)


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