• Rebecca Lerner

It's literally so up my alley, like interesting and sex and therapy

Helpful things I have learned in therapy:

- Imagine the worst case scenario. Can you handle it? Have you handled something like it before? (Likely yes)

- If you're having an irrational thought, stop it and think (or say out loud if you live in an apartment by yourself currently and there are no immediate ramifications to talking to yourself) "oh there's that thought again." Judgment? Nah. Just okay, hello, goodbye.

- Even if you obsessively go through a scenario a million times, you still don't know what's going to happen. Let it go.

- It's okay to distract yourself with music or a podcast or a phone a friend situation.

- You're not a real witch. It might feel like you're magical but you can't control anything outside of what you do, think and say.

- If you're stressed out about how to care for someone, ask them.

- It's okay to use food as comfort.

- Sending that text isn't as hard as you think it's going to be.

- When people tell you they love you, you need to believe them.


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