• Rebecca Lerner

looks like i'll have to learn how to read

Little Fires Everywhere (2020)

Reese Witherspoon's hot journo ex-boyfriend: "What did you used to say? Being right is better than sex? Because it lasts longer?"

Reese, cheeky: "Because it lasts forever."

I heard someone say that they're finding despair about the future more comforting than hope, because being pessimistic is a way to be right. It's a way to be certain, to hedge your bets. To point back and say, "See, I wasn't wrong!"

I'm wrong all the time. And then I'm right for a while, and then I have more to learn.

Imperfection, yes, it constitutes me.

Error, a chance to change, fix, love my mind.

I don't need to be right to survive.

I can stay here, wrong because I'm learning, honest about how much I don't know, forever.

We will always wander. We will always look for pleasure or joy or ease. And when we get lost, someone will offer to take us by the hand and lead us home again.


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