• Rebecca Lerner

Love to start and end a sentence with lol

Love can be:

- Checking in

- Lending clothes

- Reading to someone in a soothing tone

- Talking about something boring because you know it's important to the other person

- Texting everyday

- Texting basically not at all

- Not taking someone for granted

- Cooking Gigi Hadid's pasta recipe for someone

- Not judging someone if they eat way too much of the Gigi Hadid pasta recipe

- Sending an article

- Saying happy birthday after not talking for a long time

- Remembering a happy time with someone

- Sex

- Not sex

- Watering someone's plants for them

- Telling someone their dog is cute even if it is only cute in a way that is not cute to you

- Compliments, real and fake

- Recommending a podcast

- Learning how to be with someone

- Driving a long time to see them

- Care packages after something bad happens

- Care packages just because

- Giving someone space

- Showing up, even if you do a shitty job sometimes, but being there

- Saying I was thinking of you

- Giving socks for a birthday


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