• Rebecca Lerner

So hard to be an alien these days

It's finally that part of August with an edge of cool and you can imagine what it's like on the other side, with sweaters and a chill in the arm and the crunch crunch of leaves under your feet. Do you cry over what you've already lost or what you think you're going to lose

Sometimes before I know someone well enough, I picture going to the Grand Canyon with them in the winter. We arrive in Arizona, take a shuttle to the Grand Canyon. We're backpacking, with great big packs on our backs but we're wearing most of our clothes at the top, since it's winter at the top but the seasons melt away as you hike down into the depths. We shed layers as we get closer to the Colorado River and by the team we're there, we've hiked all the way to summertime again. We bathe in the river with Dr. Bronner's soap and eat granola bars and drink water from a pump and I take marvelous photos on a disposable camera that I get developed to put on my wall in my apartment in the city.

And then I remember where I actually am. The city comes in, gives me a kiss on the cheek and takes off her coat.


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