• Rebecca Lerner

Tbt to when I had a Daily crush on her

What do we talk about when we talk about crushes?

There are work crushes and friend crushes, subway crushes and real crushes. School crushes and party crushes and celebrity crushes and elevator crushes. There are crushes that end quickly in finding out someone has a boyfriend, or the ones that begin with cinematic kisses on the street in East Village, where the music swelled — you must have heard it too, or was it just me?

(Just me.)

Our crushes sustain us. A crush means we still believe that something wonderful can happen in the act of uniting, and that maybe we are better together than we are apart. A crush means we still have faith that someone can make our hearts race and our nervous smiles come out to play. A crush means we still have hope.

And we have to save a seat for hope.


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