• Rebecca Lerner

Thank you, I love my piece of earth very much

Here's what I'm not doing right now at this exact second:

  • I'm not watching television tonight because my screen time while living alone has become absolutely ghastly

  • I am not planning a party where my thoughts become all coiled up at the idea of inviting certain people and not inviting others and how it'll all turn out

  • I'm not putting my garbage out on the curb because last time I was putting it out a man and his son RAN full speed up to me and yelled at me because it was a few feet too close to their property so now I am only putting out my garbage under cover of nightfall right before garbage day

  • I'm not baking the rest of the croissants I have

  • I'm not writing a scathing takedown of our political process

  • I'm not writing a love story

  • I'm not wearing socks

  • I'm not thinking about work tomorrow (although now I am goddamn it)

  • I'm not wearing makeup

  • I'm not reading about French humanist and engraver Geoffroy Tory, who argued that letters should reflect the human body and Christian ideals

  • I'm not learning French

  • I'm not staring through binoculars at a bird with a red mark on its chest and a tail with feathers that stick out in a way that makes me wonder if the other birds tease it for being a bit different

  • I'm not playing "Big Girls Don't Cry" by Fergie on guitar and wondering if my downstairs neighbors can hear

  • I'm not watching a zoom comedy show

  • I'm not flossing or brushing or whitening or doing anything very productive for my dental hygiene

  • I'm not staring directly into a solar eclipse

  • I'm not patting cream onto my face gently with my ring fingers

  • I'm not hearing or seeing another living soul


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