• Rebecca Lerner

when this is over im kissing EVERYONE

Post-quar to do list:

- Cartwheels in the grass

- Surreptitiously eat food off the floor

- See bands live; get sweaty dancing and flailing in the crowd

- Get drinks with coworkers at the cheap, vaguely nautically themed bar near our office

- Go to spin class and laugh out loud when the instructors try to be inspirational at the climax of class (once had an instructor yell, "What are you doing with your life? Why aren't you journaling more?")

- Stay in if I want to!!! Extremes either way will be the emotional death of us all

- Kiss crush

- Go on good dates: the kind where the idea of texting someone back doesn't seem like a horrid chore

- Overshare to a friend in the kitchen at work while a completely uninterested third party eats a seaweed snack nearby

- Go on bad dates: the kind where I call friends laugh-crying on the way home

- Hold hands with friends; hold hands with non-friends and see what happens

- Go to museums and mildly judge people taking lots of pictures of art then get over myself and take a picture of a piece I like

- Go to Coney Island. Eat a funnel cake, feel glorious during and like garbage after. Float in the water and look up at the sky and wait for the next wave to carry me in


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