• Rebecca Lerner

wtf since when does zuck have a booty

Sometimes we forget that under the computers on our laps and under the clothes and under the pretenses, we all have these weird little writhing bodies. Everyone you hate has shivered when someone cutting their hair touched their scalp, and everyone you love has had some ungodly stomach incident in the not-so-distant past.

(I really do think maybe The Social Network needs to be redone to accommodate for both Mark Zuckerberg's big ass and the platform's penchant for spreading misinformation and hate speech.)

We live for such a long/short time in our bodies, pattern and form turned to flesh and bone. We shiver through winter to sweat through summer, but we're trained to follow the light. A working body should be all we expect from the earth, but we ask for so much more.

The way someone's body looks under their clothes is rarely a surprise, if that brings any comfort.


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