• Rebecca Lerner

Yes yes I will go find a creek soon to sate my thirst

Social media things that masquerade as normal but have thirst trap potential:

- Screenshots of poems

- Slightly over-saturated pictures of water (oceans and lakes, not rivers)

- Photos of legs with socks, cups of coffee and a book on top of a cozy looking blanket

- Comment where someone says "shut up" to someone hot

- Mask pics with good eye lighting

- Posts revolving around the evasive and beautiful IYKYK

- Baking videos involving sprinkling, whipping or smooth cutting

- Mirror pics without a reflection in them

- Pictures of blossoms & flowers, both dead & alive

- Brag throwbacks where the person is too young to say they're good-looking but it is the kind of thing where you do ultimately know that they will be attractive so you have to say, "you were so cute!!"

- Abstract drawings

- A neatly organized work from home desk with proper lighting and a cup of unknown liquid in a mug

- Concert photos

- Captions inspired by OR directly referencing Fiona Apple

- Photo of an idyllic house in suburbia with brightly colored shutters

- Reposting a risqué horoscope account

- One word tweets that contain multitudes

- Anything involving the puppy dog eyes emoji


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